*This build is currently on Lego Ideas; Treasure Cove

Should it reach 10,000 supporters, it will be reviewed by Lego and has the potential to become an official Lego set.

Treasure Cove

The newest addition to my piratey themed builds!

Need a place to stash yer plunder? Pile it up in a hidden cove! Why dig a big hole to bury it when you can hide it away in a cave? The Treasure Cove is a great place for pirates to store the treasure from their high-seas adventures; and while they’re at it, enjoy some rum and relaxing fishing.


  • Pile of gold and treasure
  • Small dock with dinghy to transport the goods
  • Barrels and bottles of rum for thirsty pirates
  • Swords and flintlocks to protect the booty
  • 5 Pirates