Instructions – The Hooked Fang


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The Hooked Fang

A fearsome warship manned by a skeleton crew. This cursed vessel is ornamented with bones and hooks jutting out from all sides, making any close encounters or attempts to dock beside her nearly impossible; and highly dangerous. Sight of such a ship, particularly at night, would send shivers down the spines of any pirate.

The Hooked Fang is armed with 10 cannons. On the rear of the ship is the captain’s quarters; Inside is a small desk with a map and stool, a treasure chest, lantern, cutlass and flintlock rifle. The cabin can be accessed via removable platform where the ship wheel is. In the center of the ship is storage for barrels, above is an adjustable crane/claw. Ship also features 2 crow’s nests on top of the masts, lanterns, and an anchor.

The crew includes 5 skeletal minifigures

Total piece count: 2004

Dimensions (L x W x H):

  • 22  x 9 x 25 inches
  • 553 x 224 x 614 mm

*Instructions include fading effect for previously placed bricks (see samples below).

*Notes on Parts List:

  • Either the BSX or XML file can be uploaded as a wishlist on Bricklink.
  • The anchor is not pictured in the instructions but is included in the Parts List (the chain which holds the anchor is in the instructions).
  • The sails included in the Parts List are those from the Imperial Flagship (10210) official LEGO set, but could be substituted for any sails of the same size.
  • The top back 6 x 4 flag in the Parts List is of the newer Jolly Roger design as seen in The Brick Bounty (70413).